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Web Development

If you don’t have a website, we can help you build one from scratch. If you already have one that needs fixing, we still got you. We know the language to develop websites that attract, engage and covert. We specialize in several technologies, including LAMP stack systems, including WordPress and Drupal, and MERN stack technologies, including React.js. Others include .NET and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). 

Social Media Management

When your brand shows up on social media, you’ve pulled a seat up to the table. Social media is where your clients learn, talk and have fun! So if you want to stay top of mind, you need to be where they are. Brain Jar knows how to get your brand into their conversation. 

Photo/Video Production

There’s no better way to tell your brand’s story than through video, and Brain Jar will make that happen. We create social media posts, promotional videos, vlog content and even some commercials for TV (so you’ve most likely seen our work!) Our team of professionals have decades of experience in Hollywood film production, and we bring that to your project. 

Ad Campaigns

Google and social media ads can be overwhelming, and it’s so easy to take a wrong step and waste money. Brain Jar knows these ads inside and out and knows how to maximize your return, so every penny of your budget is wasted. We’re so confident in our abilities that we guarantee that we’ll double the money you invest in your campaign, or you don’t pay!

Old-School Cold Outreach

Cold calls and cold emails are the friendly handshakes of the business world. They let you reach out to potential customers you might never bump into otherwise. And Brain Jar is great at it! We guarantee that we’ll book 20 meetings with qualified leads, or you don’t pay!

Research & Analysis

Brain Jar conducts a variety of research and produces reports that are clear, easy to look at and even enjoyable to read! The studies we can do include:

• Website/web app usability studies
• Focus groups
• Web traffic/ad campaign analysis
• Marketing strategy review




Our team will first understand what your needs are and ensure that we understand your brand


Our designers will create a plan. For websites, this is wireframes and mockups. For social media, this is a content calendar. For video, a storyboard. For ad campaigns, it’s a project board.


We want to make sure the plans is just right, so we’ll hold two sessions to review every piece of planning material and get your approval before putting the plan into action.

Build! Record! Launch!

With plans approved, our web developers will build your website, our director and crew will film your video, our ad specialist will launch your campaign, our social media expert will start posting. All you have to do is nothing!

Featured Work

Website Development

Fullerton College Website Development

Our passionate team of designers and developers have built or maintained the websites of many colleges.

Fullerton College's website
Clean Power Alliance website


Clean Power Alliance Website Updates

We provided necessary website tech support and repair for Southern Caifornia’s locally operated electricity provider offering clean energy


Rhiannon Little-Surowski

Dr. Rhiannon Little-Surowski


Rhiannon’s the brains of the operation. She does everything research related. When she’s not analyzing web traffic or accessibility audit results, she’s conducting usability studies and focus groups. She has a doctorate degree, she’s a data junky, and she’s an expert at getting results. You can reach her at rhiannon@brainjar.net.

Peter Surowski

Peter Surowski


Peter is the muscle behind Brain Jar. He’s been in web production for more than 20 years and has worked for AOL, WordPress and some other great companies. So there’s a good chance you’ve visited a website he’s helped build or manage. He has a master’s degree in Communications and a black belt in PHP from the School of Hard Knocks. You can reach him at peter@brainjar.net.

Liz Dieterich

Liz Dieterich

Web Developer

Liz excels at both front end and back end development, but most of her time is spent on the backend detangling piles of server-side logic. You can reach her at liz@brainjar.net.

Rachel Solov

Rachel Solov

Web Developer

Rachel is the newest edition to the Brain Jar team. She’s a React fanatic, and when she’s not building web apps, she’s going on long hikes and reading stacks of books. You can reach her at rachel@brainjar.net.

Justin Witmer, Director of Visuals

Justin Witmer

Director of Visuals

Justin is the man behind the camera. He does all the photography and videography for Brain Jar. He’s been working in the film industry for 20 years and has produced visuals for many of Brain Jar’s biggest clients. You’ve almost certainly seen his work on TV without even knowing it. You can reach him at justin@brainjar.net.

Maris Ryckman, Ad Strategist

Maris Ryckman

Digital Marketing Strategist

Maris is a former Google AdWords rep, so she knows how Google Ads work… from the inside! She’s been the brains behind many crazy successful campaigns and can double your leads and get you on the top of Google’s search results. She’s that good! When she’s not crafting ad campaigns, she’s reading at local coffee houses and taking in the sights downtown. You can reach her at maris@brainjar.net.

Jeremiah Haynes is a web developer at Brain Jar.

Jeremiah Haynes

Web Developer

Jeremiah is on a journey to conquer the tech world one webpage at a time. When not crafting digital wonders, he transforms into a family man with his beautiful wife and two amazing daughters. Fueling his downtime (when there is some), he loves collecting Magic: The Gathering cards and playing anything from FromSoftware games, especially Dark Souls. He can be reached at jeremiah@brainjar.net.

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