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At Brain Jar, we are a small team of designers and developers skilled in everything WordPress and passionate in bringing your ideas to life.


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Website Design

We design professional websites for both desktop and mobile, whether that’s a single page or a complete website. We offer high qualify responsive designs that meet 2021 trends. We will ensure that your customers have the best user experience today and in the future.

WebsitE/UX Design

We will design the perfect website for your brand or ecommerce site. We will create low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes and UX design for desktop and mobile by maintaining the smoothest user experience.


We create high quality mobile app designs that follows a smooth workflow to help users navigate through apps easily. We create wireframes and high fidelity designs for any app that you need.


Our talented design team will create short video ads or animations for your brand to go along with your website based on the kind of feel you are going for. Our teams can create ads with stock footage and product imagery or short animated teasers to hype your brand.

Website Development

If you don’t have a website, we can help you build one from scratch. If you already have one that needs fixing, we still got you. We know the language to develop websites that attract, engage and covert. We also offer maintenance support as and when needed for a small fee.


Don’t have a website or need a complete redesign? We have some of the best front end developers that can make your designs come to life.

Maintenance & Updates

We are not going anywhere! Our team will work with your team to ensure that if there are changes to be made any time in the future, we are one email away and only charge a small fee.


Is your website broken or does it need fixing? No matter how big or small the requirement, let us know what you need. We have worked with various content management systems and can adapt to your needs.



Our team will first understand what your requirements are and ensure that we understand your brand


Our designers will create a low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes and mockups based on your requirements


We want to make sure the design is just right until you are happy. Once the final mockup is approved, our team will get designing.


Our front end developers will take the website prototype and do all the fun coding stuff for you. Don’t worry, we’ll train you.

Featured Work

Website Development

Fullerton College Website Development

Our passionate team of designers and developers have built or maintained the websites of many colleges.

Fullerton College's website
Clean Power Alliance website


Clean Power Alliance Website Updates

We provided necessary website tech support and repair for Southern Caifornia’s locally operated electricity provider offering clean energy


Rhiannon Little-Surowski

Dr. Rhiannon Little-Surowski


Rhiannon’s the brains of the operation. She does everything research related. When she’s not analyzing web traffic or accessibility audit results, she’s conducting usability studies and focus groups. She has a doctorate degree, she’s a data junky, and she’s an expert at getting results. You can reach her at rhiannon@brainjar.net.

Peter Surowski

Peter Surowski


Peter is the muscle behind Brain Jar. He’s been in web production for more than 20 years and has worked for AOL, WordPress and some other great companies. So there’s a good chance you’ve visited a website he’s helped build or manage. He has a master’s degree in Communications and a black belt in PHP from the School of Hard Knocks. You can reach him at peter@brainjar.net.

Malikia Crowell

Malikia Crowell

Web Designer

Malikia is a web and graphic designer. She’s an expert at taking the chaos in other people’s brains and turning it into nice, clean, logical wireframes. Then she builds those out into sleek and funtional web pages. When she’s not designing websites, she’s practicing capoeira. You can reach her at malikia@brainjar.net.

Leticia Martin Aviles

Leticia Martin Aviles

Front End Web Developer

Leticia is a web designer and digital marketing specialist. When she’s not taking Malikia’s mockups and turning them into functional websites, she’s hiking and running marathons. You can reach her at leticia@brainjar.net.

Liz Dieterich

Liz Dieterich

Full-Stack Web Developer

Liz is the newest edition to the Brain Jar team. She excels at both front end and back end development, and she’s a wiz with React. You can reach her at liz@brainjar.net.

Teaonna Little

Teaonna Little

Marketing Strategist

For many people, Teaonna’s the face of Brain Jar. She executes outreach compaigns, works on the company’s online presence, and is the defender of the company’s brand image. When she’s not juggling all of that, she’s performing in community theater and staying up late working on coursework for her undergrad degree in marketing. You can reach her at teaonna@brainjar.net.

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