Social Media Management-Plan A

$385.00 / month



You know your organization needs a presence on social media. It gives you legitimacy, it helps you form relationships with your prospects, it helps you control your image. But it’s such a time guzzler! That’s where Brain Jar comes in. We’ll run your social media, posting regularly, responding to messages, and reaching out to other social media users to expand your following.

What you’ll get

  • 10 post per month
  • Using two platforms
  • One new follower per week
  • Respond to all messages received on platforms

What will Brain Jar need from you?

Not much! Usernames and passwords to your social media accounts and some visual assets, such as photos of your team members, or videos of your team in action. If you don’t have any photos or video, no problem! Brain Jar can send our photographer and videographer (though it’s an extra cost).

Here’s what to expect

Here’s a step-by-step on how the process will work.

  1. You and Brain Jar staff will have a meeting, lay out some goals, identify some good visual assets, a target audience, etc.
  2. Brain Jar will write a calendar of social media posts. We’ll meet again to go over it.
  3. After the calendar is approved, Brain Jar will start posting on your behalf! Each post will have an image, text, hashtags and, when appropriate, will tag other people or organizations–all with the goal of reaching new audiences.
  4. We will respond to anyone who sends a message to you using a friendly tone and connect them with whatever information they need.
  5. We will comment on posts from other people and organizations to attract attention to our own profile—and get new followers!