SEO Services – Gold Plan

$985.00 / month

SEO services that affect a website’s search results the most.



Brain Jar’s SEO services target the things that affect your site’s SEO the most:

  • Links on other sites that connect to yours (AKA backlinks)
  • The text on your website
  • The amount of content on your website

First, we’ll launch a PR campaign that will get you backlinks (and also mentions) on other websites (such as blogs, newspapers or magazine sites). This will convince Google’s algorithm that your site is more important than the competition.

Then we will revamp your on-page SEO by grooming the text and adding keywords, as well as improving technical elements, like adding a robots.txt file and a site map. Keywords and other technical elements help Google’s spiders find and index your site, which moves it up in the search results.

Lastly, since Google favors larger sites with more text over smaller ones with less text, we will fill your site with content. This will improve your placement on Google searches and increase the chances people will discover you while they’re searching for information.

What you’ll receive

  • At least 1 backlink per month on a high-profile website with a DR of more than 70.
  • We will get you at least three backlinks a month on medium-profile (DR 40+) websites.
  • We will get backlinks on at least 10 low-profile websites a month.
  • We will rework your website’s text to target keywords, install a robots.txt, a site map, and fine-tune other technical elements.
  • We’ll write and post 5 high-quality blogs per month targeting your key demographics.

Our guarantee

We ask that you make a one-year commitment. However, if you’re dissatisfied with our services in the first three months, you can back out of the contract, no penalty, no questions asked.